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Elvis XXX
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The King of Rock n’ Roll becomes the King of Hard n’ Pussy in the Vivid’s Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody.  This southern boy from Mississippi goes south even deeper on the hottest girls in the business!  Elvis made his film debut in Love Me Tender but in this new XXX version it is more like Fuck Me Tender!  Elvis is really the originator of rockabilly, but he rocks out on box in this new endeavor!  And don’t forget they are rockin’ out on his cock!  Every girl in America wanted to get fucked by Elvis, and there is no doubt that girls still dream about getting railed by the King.  You don’t get a name like that with just being a talent in music; you get a name like that when you are a wild talent in the bedroom.  Playing that pussy like he played the guitar!  The King of FUCK! 

Obviously, Elvis is known for his sensational music.  This music score is a parody in this film and will keep you laughing and jacking off at the same time!  With numbers like—“I am stuck in your crack and I won’t pull out…I want to fuck you so much baby!”  This hunka-hunka burnin’ love keeps us entertained from start to finish!  Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody is the porn film you have been waiting for!  It will get you all shook up—and you will jack off like you have never jacked off before!

What could this XXX version of Elvis possibly be about?  How could you tell a story about the King of Rock n’ Roll XXX style?  Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody is an imaginary tale based very loosely on the events that took place during the course of Elvis’s (played by veteran porn star Dale DaBone) life as told by many friends and family.  These fictional friends and family characters are: Billy Boy (Elvis’s driver played by Alec Knight), Shirley (his illegitimate crazy daughter played by Amber Cherry), his flaming make-up artist Sergio Bartoletti played by James Bartholet, and his second cousin Melvis Presley played by pot-belly porn king Ron Jeremy.  In addition to these wild characters there are pop culture icons that make the XXX film ridiculous like James Dean (of course played by James Deen), Natalie Wood played by Jesi Palmer showing scenes on the fictional set of “Rebel Without a Cause.”  Muhammed Ali is also a character of the cast played by real-life boxer Tyler Knight.  Don’t forget about Elvis’s wife Priscilla Presley (Andy San Dimas), and Lexi Belle as Ann-Margret who hooks up with Elvis on the set of “Viva Las Vegas.”  Re-live the most exciting time in history.  And believe me, it is more exciting when you re-live the sex life of Elvis XXX hardcore style with cumshots and more.  Who doesn’t want to say: “Fuck me baby, I am the King.”  The director Alex Braun fabricated a fun XXX film with the incredible music of Elvis with replaced lyrics that are down right hilarious.

Sadly, Elvis may have died popping pills on a toilet but we are honoring the king of Rock n’ Roll in the XXX film released on his 76th Birthday.  You can’t miss out on classic Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody featured in a fabulous era of sex and Rock n’ Roll!  Don’t miss out!  This is a must see now!

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